Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Polish Haul && 31 Day Nail Art Challenge, Day One, Red Nails

So today is going to be a rather long blog post...
To start off, I am going to show you a rather good deal I received from Walgreens on eight nail polishes that came in a cute, clear case for only ten dollars! 
The case is rather large, and could be used for storing various things. I think I will start storing my acetone, cotton balls, and other larger items in there because they take up space in my current nail polish container. (It is kind of cheap though because it is all plastic.)
There are two types of nail polishes in the package. The cube like polishes are Wet n Wild's megalast "salon nail color". The cylindrical polishes are Wet n Wild's fast dry nail color.
From left to right: Megalast polishes; I Red a Good Book, I Need a Refresh-Mint, Wet Cement, On a Trip. Fast Dry polishes; Orange, The Wonder Yellows, Sage in the City, FuchsiaRama

*btw: How cute are the fast dry polish names?! All versions of t.v. shows :)
The top of the megalast colors s have a sticker that says the polish has a "manicurve pro brush". The brush is a lot thicker than I'm used to, but I believe it did a great job at coverage and was easy to use.
For the second half of my blog post, is the start of a 31 Day Nail Polish Challenge I found over at Galactic Lacquer (who is a fantastic blogger btw!).
For the first day of red nails, I decided to try out the I Red a Good Book polish i got in my case. The coverage was fantastic with the "manicurve" brush and was completely opaque in two coats. I then decided to do an accent nail in the design of a ladybug using my Migi Nail Art Pens. I think this was a cute, simple way to start this long challenge!! 
I am definitely looking forward to expanding my horizons over the course of this challenge. xx.

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