Monday, August 6, 2012

31 Day Nail Art Challenge, Day 6, Violet Nails

Purple is my favorite color so I was really excited to do today's challenge! Unfortunately some things came up, (my laptop broke so I have to post from my parents' desktop and I had to go to campus to pick up some things) so by the time I got some free time to paint my nails I had to kind of keep it simple. I used two coats of Wet n Wild's On a Trip as my base coat, then with an old pda stylus I found laying around I did dots along the middle of my finger with NYC's Plaza Plumberry. On a Trip to me is a true violet, not too dark or too light. As with the other in the collection I received, it went on beautifully, and the brush is just amazing! Plaza Plumberry is very dark, and has a slight shimmer when it is put on. It goes on a little bit sheer, sort of like the polish is a little bit water-like, but it has a good wear. I love the color, but it may be too dark for some people. However, it still makes for a great polish to use for accenting and such. (As I said, I was rushed, so please excuse my horrible placement of the dots with my mock dotting tool lol).
Even though this manicure was rushed, I actually liked it and I would like to recreate it when I have more time (and can pay closer attention to my dot placement :D)

**Also, sorry if sometimes these posts fall into the next day! Sometimes I don't have time to post until late at night, (especially since it's summer) and so sometimes I don't publish the post until after twelve, when they're meant for the day before. I'll try to be better, promise!!)


  1. I love your blog so much....!

    i am actually doing this same challenge but am going to put all the pictures up at the same time. cant wait to see more of your work :) x

  2. Thank you so much! Doing them all in one post is actually a really great idea! I can't wait to see it!! xx.