Friday, August 3, 2012

31 Day Nail Art Challenge, Day Three, Yellow Nails

So I originally planned on doing my nails with tips that resembled lemons, like the manicure shown in this video by the super talented cute polish!
However, I kinda wasn't paying attention when painting my tips yellow and made a straight line with my yellow polish instead of a curved one and decided to just go with the flow and continue to do the same with the white lines, (with my Migi Nail Art pen of course.) For my base I used Revlon's Top Speed  Sheer Cotton color and the yellow tips are Wet n Wild's The Wonder Yellows. Sheer Cotton is very, very sheer and I have to put on several coats to get the coverage I like and it never really seems to dry all that well. However, I love the color, so I always seem to come back to it. The Wonder Yellows is a shimmery, bright yellow and I used only one coat because it was over Sheer Cotton, but if it is anything like the other polishes in the collection, it should have great coverage.  
After I had painted them I decided there wasn't quite enough yellow for a yellow nail day and decided to use my yellow Migi Nail Art pen to add dots to the bottom of the  tips. The yellow from the nail art pen is more of a darker, truer yellow than that of Wet n Wild's. I think it would be too bright for my personal taste to use as a base color (that may always change lol), but I think The Wonder Yellows is a perfect (and beautifully shimmery) yellow for any occasion
Overall I liked how this manicure turned out, but I don't think it will be my favorite in the challenge. I don't wear the color yellow very often, on my nails or otherwise, do you?

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