Monday, July 16, 2012

Pink/Taupe Forever21 NOTD

Today I wanted to properly try out two new-ish polishes I picked up at the mall at Forever 21. I layered their "Crystal Pink Polish" over "A Touch of Taupe". 
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I work at a place that requires "muted" nail polish so when I saw this creamy nude I just had to have it! I was pleasantly surprised that the nail polish went on pretty opaque on the first coat. I used a second coat just to even some parts out (I'm still not perfect at application D:) but I think it's a good, muted polish to have in any nail collection.
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I am fairly new and unexperienced with larger glitter polishes so I got sort of frustrated when I was trying to deal with Crystal Pink. It has various sizes of what I would call shards of pink, metallic glitter. I had to do some working to get it on the nail without going over the sides and I had to work around with the brush to get it to spread easier, (I feel the base may have been a little thick, but that's just personal opinion), but once it was on, I felt it was worth it.
Here is a blurred picture to properly show the shine Crystal Pink gives off when it's on. I personally feel this is a great duo, and at only $2.80 a bottle, I can't complain. Forever 21 has a ridiculous amount of cute nail polishes and I highly suggest you go check them out :).

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