Sunday, July 15, 2012

Pink Love Mani (My FIRST post!)

I totally meant to start working on my first blog post MUCH earlier but I got distracted by some really wonderful giveaways on Facebook! Better late than never! Well to start off, here is a little bit about my nail adventures. I started slightly dabbling in nail art a few years ago when I received a Konad Nail Art Stamping Kit. Throughout the years I have enjoyed doing my nails, but never really tried advanced nail art, and I certainly never thought about the different types of nail polishes out there. Recently, however, I discovered some beautiful nail art blogs and I have been inspired to try my hand, (no pun intended :p), at nail art and swatching different polish brands I try out :). So, for my very first post, is perhaps the manicure I have been most proud of! A cute, extremely simple manicure using probably the neatest trick I've learned. 

I used a shimmery, metallic pink nail polish I received from a kit at Walmart (the brand is named The Color Workshop, there is no specific name for the color) on all my fingers except my accent nail. On the accent nail I used Revlon Top Speed Sheer Cotton. Then, for the heart, I used a neat trick I once saw on Tumblr. I used a cheap ($1.00 pack for four assorted sheets) temporary tattoo to apply the heart to my nail. You apply it the exact same way you would to your skin! (Just cut out the tattoo you want, remove the clear plastic, carefully place face first on nail, wet the back paper with a damp cloth, remove the backing, and voilĂ  !) See! How easy was that? :D
On a scale of one to ten I would give both of these polishes about a 5. The pink is not very opaque (you can see the line on my thumb in the picture), but applies very well and has a pretty metallic shimmer. For the Revlon polish, it was semi-opaque and applied okay, but I do not think it dried at "top speed" as it claims.
I sincerely hope you enjoyed my first blog post and I look forward to sharing my nail adventures with everyone who visits Stars Over Diamonds!

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